5. September 2018

Atlando welcomes fortnite duo

Kasper Niemann

Today we are happy to announce our new project, which includes 2 new faces under the banner of Atlando.
fex & Weinreichh joines “The Atlando Fortnite Project” with a 2 month testing period.

The last couple of days Atlando has been working on something new behind the scenes. Today we can announce, that we have been added 2 new faces to the wolf family:

Frederik "fex" Jensen - Twitter: @Atlando_Fex
Sebastian "Weinreichh" Jensen - Twitter: @Atlando_wein

Both players are young talents in the Fornite community and wanted to take the next step in the professional direction.
We got a few words from fex:
“We chose an organization because we would like some profissional people behind us and wanted to take the step further from the crowd. We hope this will help us develop both professionally and ingamewise.”
“We chose Atlando because the words we heard about the organization from our friends was great and we believe Atlando are ready and have the resources to have us”.

We also believe this will expand our esport knowledge and develop us as an organization.

The 2 new players will be a part of Atlando the next 2 month, as a testing period.
- We welcome to both fex & Weinreichh to the wolf family in Atlando.

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