29. March 2019

Spring split reflections and playoffs

Mathias Odgaard

Looking back at this League of Legends split, it has been a lot of up's and down's, but we have become an experience richer. We have had the opportunity to work with some dedicated players and a phenomenal coach.

We were looking to put together a squad of younger and dedicated players, with the motivatiom and talent to grow.

Toplane: Onurcan.
Onurcan is a familiar face to the organisation, as he had previously been playing with the team. He came into our tryouts very driven and motivated to get started. Through his oppressive playstyle managed to catch our interest.

Jungle: Brandvarm Sjakal.
Brandvarm Sjakal aka Arman, has been our jungler since we started Primus, and later joined Atlando. He has grown immensely as a player and individual. His flair has been very well received in danish League of Legends community. Even through other options he stuck with us for this spring split.

Midlane: Snowhill.
Snowhill made himself noticed by his skill and willingness to cooperate with the staff and teammates. Despite his soloq reputation, he has showed us it didn't at all apply to teamplay . He has been a fantastic teammate and put work into resolving issues that didn't concern him. A very solid performer and hardworker!

AD Carry: Laggern.
Right out of a strong winter split, Laggern had already showed us he could play on a high level. He was eager to learn and improve as a player and individual. With his background in midlane, he showed us he could adapt to the ever changing meta in botlane.

Support: Droox.
Being with us ever since the start and with the age gap Droox was naturally going to be the "backbone" of the roster. Working in and around Primus and Atlando, Droox's experience and work ethic made him able to apply it onto the youngsters. His ability to link very well up with our coach's through the time has been one of his best attributes.

Substitute: AndreasFWK.
Andreas was part of our tryout and decided to focus on other things instead of finishing the trouts. He was later asked to be one of our substitutes and we owe him a big thanks for being ready to help us agains't Copenhagen Flames.

With the roster assembled and a clear goal of aiming for playoffs. We started out though agains't the powerhouse Ventus Esport, and even through some solid plays, we had to see us beaten 2-0. Week 2 we went up agains't the defending champions from Singularity. A weak start followed by some solid plays ended up in our first win 2-1. Week 3 we faced off agains't Hillerød Esport, and they showed us that going into that game with all expectations of winning was an ill decision, they fought back very well but in the end we won 2-1. Week 4 was very important for us, we were to play Hobro Vikings, in a rally for what looked like 4th place. It was a hard hit but we ultimately lost the series 1-2. Going into week 5 we had suffered a bit under our loss agains't Hobro, and on top of that Snowhill had a personal tragedy happen. We fielded AndreasFWK instead midlane, and even through some good performance we could only say that Copenhagen Flames was a very well playing team, we lost the series 0-2. Week 6 was truly a blessing, the merger between Atlando and Primus was made official and we go into the series agains't Wicked Gaming, with new energy and motivation. We played probably our best series and beat Wicked Gaming 2-0. We knew that in week 7 there was a lot of outside factors in play for us to reach top 4 and playoffs. Bucks Vipers made those factors even more narrow when they clawed back one game and made the series end 2-1. Even though we finished 5th, we believe we showed how well we can play when we hit the days, towards the end.

Playoffs spot.
At the start of the split we had the goal of reaching playoffs, even though this is not the way we set out to achieve it we ended up doing so. Ventus has made the decision to withdraw from the LCD and we have gotten their spot in playoffs, these news are very sudden to us and are sad to lose a great competitor such as Ventus who without a doubt has put together a fantastic lineup that even qualified to EU Masters. We will however be filling in the last spot in playoff's on a wildcard. Every dane remembers 1992 and we sure do to, a fairytale could come true.

Playoffs will be taking place already tomorrow at 15:00 CET. where we open agains't #1 Copenhagen Flames.

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