28. April 2019

The future prospect for Atlando

Mathias Odgaard

On top of Copenhagen Games we are now ready to show the full roster, that will take our League of Legends to the next level. Beside that we are announcing our new CSGO roster.

Copenhagen Games:

The 2019 edition was a dream for us. The League of Legends team we brought was fairly new as a unit. Looking past the fact that the team was inexperienced together, they showed up big time. We arrived at KPGYM spread across tuesday and wednesday, where the days was spend getting to know each other better and scrimming. We start out strong thursday by beating Copenhagen Flames, but it was a mixed day in terms of results ending in 3-3 Win/Loss.
Coming around to friday we end up initially with exact same result for our group stage.
We end up 6-6 after group stage and are tied 3 teams for 3rd place. This lead to a tiebreaker series against Copenhagen Flames and Wicked Gaming. We start out strong beating Wicked fairly well, this lead us to the Copenhagen Flames game, which was despite the result one of the most exciting games played at Copenhagen Games. Even through our efforts we lost the game and the tiebreaker is initially not resolved, it ends in a 1-1 draw for all the teams, but we got the 3rd place because of game time.
Going into the semi-finals we were facing a really strong Fortress Esports lineup going 11-1 through out group stage, however we came well prepared on 5 hours of sleep and managed to beat them 2-0. The finale came around and we were facing "Søger Modstand xd" which is a mix team of some what professional players, unfortunately they proved to strong and beat us 1-3.
To sum it up, it was a spectacular run and we are very proud of what the boys achieved through out the entirety of Copenhagen Games.

Thank you,
1st time toplane, Julbu, Jacob er sej 123, xLynge, Holminator and coach Revo, for the effort.

League of Legends:

The season starts today and with that we have 4 new faces and 1 familiar face. We have through an extensive tryout period and Copenhagen Games come to the final roster for our 2019 Summer Split in the League Championship Denmark by The players was chosen on their eager will to improve and succeed.
On top of the roster changes, we have a new addition to our coaching staff. Old timer Theo will be assisted by newcomer Revo and as stated above Revo has already showed great results.

1st time toplane




It's been a few months since we had a CS:GO team under our banner. We took a short break, mainly because we had some changes and ideas we wanted to work with.
- So for a short time, we decided to step down a little and only focusing on the team we send to Copenhagen Games in our League of Legends team.
Shortly after the "Games", we got in contact with one of our previous Atlando CS:GO player (neon) about a signing of his team.
We had a longer talk about visions and goals for both his new team and us.
Beside the addition of the roster, they come with a coach in Del337ed that have been in Atlando before as a CS:GO coach.
The team will be participating in the coming season of Power Ligaen by

We ended up with an agreement, which means, that we can proudly announce the following roster to our CS:GO department:



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