28. March 2019

Waves goodbye to CS:GO team

Kasper Niemann

It has been a turbulent period, with ups and down in the CS:GO division.
Therefore we have come to an agreement with the last 3 players to end there contract.

It is ofcourse with a broken heart, that we have to say goodbye, to the team, that for the first time ever, got Atlando into the official Top 10 in the danish CS:GO community.

But everything great, also have an ending, which was today.

We with the best of luck for TOBIZ, notaN & Celrate, and hope they will archieve there dreams somewhere and somehow. Thank you for your time here guys.
- Although the players isn't in the contract anymore, they have a final mission to do.
End the ESEA Main Playoffs aswell as the Power League Season.

It has been a pleasure to have you guys around and followed you in all those intens and crazy moments in the matches, together with the development doing your time here.

We hope, that you have archieve something while you have been under our brand and that you will archieve even more, if not as a player, then something inside the esport community.
- Since the experience is no doubt something you have.

One last time, thank you for your time, we wish you the best of luck.
- From The Atlando Family.

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