1. August 2019

Weekly News - Episode 1

Mathias Odgaard

It's been a while since our last news here on our website.
- For those who follow us every single day. It hasn't been fun, not having anything to read or even react to.
That's over now!

From today we are starting our brand new series called "Weekly News - Episode 1, 2.. Etc."
- The way it workes is, every single week, we will put every news we have together into one major news.
So grap your popcorn and enjoy!

For our very first Weekly News episode, we have a handfull of news for you, lets list'em down:

  • Presenting Weekly News
  • Reformation of the logo
  • Summer split 2019
  • League of Legends roster
  • CS:GO roster

Presenting Weekly News

As we already told above. We are presenting you a brand new series in Atlando.
- From today and every week forward, there'll be a Weekly News, some will be bigger, some will be smaller compared to this one.
It all depends on, how much we have to tell and how much esport has happend since previous week.

Reformation of the logo

As you may have seen. The Atlando logo has been updated we a few changes to the design.
- The Atlando logo has seen alot of changes throughout the years, this one isn't the biggest and there is a reason for it.
We didn't want to go for a brand new logo. We wanted to keep our brand with the wolf looking right, which is still there. But we wanted also to include a more esport looking logo, which the hexagon background was the reason for, beside that, we include the "esports" part of our name below "Atlando" and then curved the entire logo a bit to make it more smooth.

The brand new logo

Summer split 2019

The LCD Summer Split 2019 was a great journey for us, starting our strong and half way through the split we was secured the playoffs spot. The playoff weekend came and we faced Copenhagen Flames in our first game. Which ended with a 3-0 loss, which ment that we had to fight to the 3rd place instead of the 1st place.
- Which wasn't what we hoped for. Despite the loss against Copenhagen Flames, we faced Bucks Vipers day 2 with more strenght than before. We won the series 3-0 with some insane plays.
We have a short clip from Twitch with the player xLynge doing an insane shot from the base. (TURN DOWN THE SOUND)!

League of Legends roster

Through the summer period, we have had tryouts on our jungle and mid roles. This ended up bringing in a known face from our Copenhagen Games 2019 run, therefore we welcome back Jacob, he will be replacing Kridz in the midlane. This doesn't mean Kridz will be leaving us, he has agreed to move to a substitute role. On the jungle role Julbu came out victorious and will be keeping his spot as our starting jungler. Furthermore we have decided to let Snowhill and AndreasFWK leave the substitute squad, as we want a more academy focused approach.

We also part ways with our coach Theo aka Juicey, who has been a part of our entire journey in the LCD.
- He has been a massive part of the team and unfortunately because of a lack of time to put into the team, we have decided to bid him farewell and wish him the best in the future.

Which means this will be the following roster the next coming months:
Mathias 'Fiala' Fiala
Jeppe 'Julbu' Reinicke
Jacob 'Jacob' Nielsen
Casper 'xLynge' Lynge
Frederik 'Fred' Bisgaard

Laurids 'Kridz' Kidholm

David 'Fitidreng' Jensen
Johannes 'Brohan' Andersen
Frederik 'Mandag' Hornstrup
Lucas 'Luscen' Laursen
Anel 'Musin' Musinovic

Mikkel 'Revo' Freno

CS:GO roster

It hasn't been the dream we hoped for, when we took in the team under our banners.
- The results hasn't been there, the chemistry between the players hasen't been there and nothing really worked the way any of us wanted it to do.
Which means, that we have come to a conclussion, that we are not going to continue with the team.
We want to thanks every single player for there time here and we hope they'll find what they're looking for in the future.

That didn't meant that we stopped, because few days ago, we had a talk with a new roster, going under the previous name "Hakuna", which mean we welcome familiar faces as well as new ones.
- The roster have signed a 5 month contract, and will be participating in events suchs as Power League, Esea Main and LANs around Denmark.

Which means this will be the following roster the next coming months:
Lasse 'dfect' Jepsen
Michael 'Sikrow' Commerou
Oskar 'OJ' Jensen
Patrick 'Neffo' Schmølker
Alex 'Shahata' Louis

Niclas 'Del377ed' Jensen

This was all for this week, we hope you like this new way of posting our news.
- Thank you for being a part of the wolfpack and being the support we need to keep us fighting.

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