8. August 2019

Weekly News - Episode 2

Kasper Niemann

Today we will mainly focus on the league of legends part doing to nothing really has happend anywhere else.

This weekly news episode includes just one topic:

  • First series in LCD Autumn Split

First series in LCD Autumn Split

We came start out our split vs 4 of the 5 defending champions, now playing for Hydras Esport. Going into this series we knew it was going to be a though series and also a debut for our new midlaner Jacob. It quickly shaped up to be an interesting game to watch, Jacob draws the first blood and his first kill in the LCD within the 3 minute mark. The game went back and foward alot through the early and mid game, with some mistakes on our side aswell as theirs. A teamfight around the 19:00 mark started tipping the game back in our favour with a crazy dive into the Hydras' line up and trades 3 for 1. We slowly close out game 1 and secures the win through textbook play.

With a win in game 1, we came into the second game confident of our strong points and win conditions. Revo and our new coach Mathias had prepared good drafts, this showed in game 2 aswell. Jacob and Julbu managed to top the first blood within 3 minutes, and kill xRoskilde before the first minion wave arrived. We slow and steadly build our tempo and end up taking a huge 4 for 2 fight in botlane, which gave us alot of room on the map for Fiala to utilize top. The game progresses in our favour once again and a 24 minute baron enables us to take control of the tower sieges. Which eventually leads to a big fight we win with comfort and close out the game.

Sundays MVP most be the rookie Jacob, with a massive 38:0 KDA. Even through this undoubtably well played effort from Jacob, we can't help but say it was a team effort from all around the map, aswell as of the map.

Next week's match will be agains't Wicked Gaming, with a chance of change, the date is the 11th of August, 19:00 CEST.

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