13. August 2019

Weekly News - Episode 3

Kasper Niemann

The third weekly news is here, which we hope that you all enjoy so far. Just keep in mind, that all feedback is allowed to help us do this even better.

So alot has happend since last thursday, so lets get in to it.

This weekly news episode includes topics, such as:

  • Second series in LCD Autumn Split
  • ECS Season 8 EU Open Qualifier #1
  • Power League
  • Esport Tour 2019

Second series in LCD Autumn Split

Second week of LCD we played Wicked Gaming, a game we were going into strong from last weeks performances. The drafts was heavily reflecting back on our series vs Hydras, 4 bans towards Jacob including Qiyana and Akali. We quickly see the power of Yuumi and Sivir as a duo, who along side Jarvan dives acquired a lead through botlane. The lead kept on snowballing out of our control and gave Wicked alot of baron control which ultimately choked us out.

Game 2 was looking better as we took away the Sivir pick to break up the Sivir and Yuumi duo, unfortunately we didnt get Yuumi. The first few minutes is again quiet, until an 8 minute dragon fight breaks out. Julbu snatches the dragon in front of the Wicked line-up but has to give his life for it. The fight turned around on us and was looking really slim when Jarvan breaks out his ult, but Jacob with quick reflexes interrupts it and lets us escape a bad situation. The game looks quite dire as we are behind in sidelanes, fortunately Fiala finds a solo kill onto Camille and brings a bit of hope back into the game. A massive quadra kill from Lucian finally takes away that last hope as a massive teamfights wins them the baron which again ultimately chokes us out.

This is what the coaches say:

The game against Wicked was more than we could chew, especially because we were hoping to deliver a better result. Wicked came in strong and threw alot of their attention towards our new talent Jacob in the midlane, to be able to hold him from getting the same succes as our games against Hydras. Furthermore our confidence ran off with us in some cases it lead to overconfident decision making. We will use the time in the coming week to get rid of this culture and touch up our draft phase, to be more lively in the match against Fortress next week, to be sure we keep our spot in the top of the table. We look foward to meet Wicked in a potential playoff scenario. Both me and the players have all agreed to put this loss behind us and work constructive to deserve the attention and fear the other teams have had towards us.

Our next match in the League Championship Denmark will be against Fortress, Monday the 19th of August at 19:00 CEST

ECS Season 8 EU Open Qualifier #1

Monday 12th of August, the first ECS Season 8 EU Open Qualifier started and our Counter-Strike team were participation. The few matches of day 1 ended in a convincing fashion, when they won 16-2 in the first game, 16-8 in the second and 16-2 again in the third which closed of day 1.
- Day 2 came around and it was no easy task ahead of the players, when they were going to face Helsinki Reds, which ended up with a rough 11-16 loss.

Power League

The danish Power League by is just around the corner. Our very first match will be played August 26th 19.00 CET against the strong team AGF Esport.
- The next we weeks, this league will be played along side with the League of legends Autumn Split, which we will be including in every single post, from what happend, what match we played and the score ended up with.
Since the league hasn't started yet, there is clearly nothing to report at this time.

The league table for the coming season:

Esport Tour 2019

As you may already have seen, we have been posting a minor update on our facebook event page, with a event which will be starting the very first weekend of september.
- The entire program of our esport tour can you find below or you can go and visit our facebook event page for more information about this event and what will happend in each of the centers we pass by.

  • Herning, Herning Centret | 6th - 8th of september | Visit site
  • Aarhus, Storcenter Nord | 27th - 29th of september | Visit site
  • Horsens, bytorvHorsens | 18th - 19th of october | Visit site
  • Greve, Waves Shopping | 1st - 3rd of november | Visit site
  • Taastrup, City2 | 22nd - 24th of november | Visit site

League Championship Denmark by, Power Ligaen by, ECS Season 8 EU Open Qualifier #1

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