22. August 2019

Weekly News - Episode 4

Mathias Odgaard

The forth weekly news is here, which we hope that you all enjoy so far. Just keep in mind, that all feedback is allowed to help us do this even better.

Only a few things has happend since last last thursday, so lets get in to it.

This weekly news episode includes topics, such as:

  • Third series in LCD Autumn Split
  • Power League Season 11 starts soon
  • Esport Tour 2019 (Will be continuing doing the events)

Third series in LCD Autumn Split

On top of our defeat vs Wicked Gaming, we were looking for redemption, Fortress is a very good team to find that against. Going into the games we knew it was going to be a tough series. Even tho we got a lead in the earlier stages of game 1, Fortress showed a dominating presence in mid game. We ended up losing some fights that lead to us giving up 3 barons and 1 elder dragon. In many's eyes that would be the game, however we sieged the situation very well. We managed to save the most of our base and waited for all the buffs to wear out. Once they did we had a huge teamfight going 4 for 0, which lead to us ending through botlane.

Game 2 was quite the different story, we start out by getting first blooded and falling behind 3k gold. With the teamcomp we build for game 2, it was definetly not ideal to fall behind earlier, however the team knew their powerspikes. A huge fight topside initiated by Fiala and Jacob, ends in a 5-0 to us, this turned the game upside down in the matter of 30 seconds. Once baron was live, we danced around it for a bit to pick up a few kills and then the baron itself. With the baron buff we were able to be oppressive and close out the game. All in all a very enjoyable series with great competition from both team.

The MVP of the series: Fiala. Fiala was left on his island top vs not only one opponenet but two, however managed to become a huge factor in our wins.

This is what the coaches say:

Going into the series against Fortress we knew that this was an important one. Fortress is a team we have battled and scrimmed lots of times in the past and certainly a team we have a friendly rivalry with. Every game we play against Fortress tend to be exciting and close, and these were no exception. In game one we get punished for most of our mistakes by a strong looking team from Fortress, unlike last week we manage to withstand all of the pressure and work as a unit to turn the game around. We win the crucial teamfights and win the game. Carrying this momentum on to game two it is safe to say that we knew when to take the teamfights, we fall slightly behind, but keep our heads cold, Julbu does not really get much recognition for this series, but really deserves it for keeping the team calm and focussed during the two games. In the end we pull home what I personally would call one of the most important 2-0 series this split. Proud of the moral and fighting spirit we showed and i cannot wait for us to battle Copenhagen Flames next week.

Our next match in the League Championship Denmark will be against Copenhagen Flames, Tuesday the 27th of August at 19:00 CEST

Power League Season 11 starts soon

Starting this monday, the Power League by starts, when we in the very first round will face the stronghold from Aarhus AGF Esport.
- Our current performence have been great with a lot of officials through qualifiers up to this league.

Follow the standings below:

Our first match in the Power League Season 11 will be against AGF Esport, Monday the 26th of August at 19:00 CEST.

Esport Tour 2019

As you may already have seen, we have been posting a minor update on our facebook event page, with a event which will be starting the very first weekend of september.
- The entire program of our esport tour can you find below or you can go and visit our facebook event page for more information about this event and what will happend in each of the centers we pass by.

  • Herning, Herning Centret | 6th - 8th of september | Visit site
  • Aarhus, Storcenter Nord | 27th - 29th of september | Visit site
  • Horsens, bytorvHorsens | 18th - 19th of october | Visit site
  • Greve, Waves Shopping | 1st - 3rd of november | Visit site
  • Taastrup, City2 | 22nd - 24th of november | Visit site

League Championship Denmark by, Power Ligaen by, ECS Season 8 EU Open Qualifier #1

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