27. August 2019

Weekly News - Episode 5

Kasper Niemann

The fifth weekly news is here, which we hope that you all enjoy so far. Just keep in mind, that all feedback is allowed to help us do this even better.

Only a few things has happend since last last thursday, so lets get in to it.

This weekly news episode includes topics, such as:

  • Forth series in LCD Autumn Split
  • Power League Season 11 is back
  • Esport Tour 2019 (Will be continuing doing the events)

Forth series in LCD Autumn Split

Week 4 of the autumn split we faced the boys from Copenhagen Flames. It was going to turn out to be a long evening, the initial first game had to be remade due to server lag on the tournament realm. The players moved on to live servers and continued the series. Unfortunately we don't get of to the same start as we did in the initial game, the first 23 mins were really quite, but out of nowhere Jacob lands a massive ultimate on Neeko and catches Flames completely off guard, a fight breaks out which we end up winning 4 for 2 and an infernal drake in our favour. Unfortunately we lose the grip of the game and Flames takes us down one fight at the time, which results in a loss first game.

Game 2 was extremely explosive as a fight breaks out in botlane at 4 mins securing a 2 for 0 trade, meanwhile topside Julbu and Fiala got a kill onto the enemy jungler. With almost no delay Flames tp's back bot which Fred and Lynge quickly responds to and catches Guubi way out of position and in theory makes it a 3 for 0 trade. Shortly after we get a gank off in botlane which secures another 2 kills, however despite our massive lead we get a bit hasty, leading to Flames catching back up to us. A pick onto Yung gets us baron pressure which we use to get a big teamfight win 4 for 0 and baron right after. We slowly knock on the base and force a teamfight that brings home the win.

Going into game 3 we got our momentum back and Julbu is quick to utilize that with a flag and drag flash prediction top which brings home the first blood. However Julbu didnt take long to utilize momentum botside and brings a 2-0 fight in the bag. Meanwhile Fiala keep accumulating alot of gold and kills top, getting to a point he could dive into almost everyone and get away with a 1 for 1 trade. We utilize this pressure and grow our lead which we turn into an uncontested baron. With the baron buff we go for a last siege bot and close out the game with a strong teamfight. We win the series 2-1 GG WP Copenhagen Flames.

This is what the coaches say:

The series against Flames was one I have been looking forward to. Last split they took us out of playoffs with a 3-0 and we had everything to proof. The series unfortunately had some difficulties on the server side that shock our initial moral and taste for victory. I am proud of the boys to stay calm in the light of the remake for game 1, in which we lost after a close game. Game 2 and 3 we put some energy into setting our botlane up for succes and Fred especially had maybe the best series he has had this split so far, facing tough matchups and showing confidence in the 2v2s. Everyone deserves a mention for keeping heads high and reversing the series into a 2-1 victory, but I think Fred deserves a little spotlight from this series, since he has found a new level of himself. Either way this was a fantastic series to watch through, and Flames put up a lot of competition, I wish them the best games to come. Lets carry the streak into next week against Bucks Vipers!

Our next match in the League Championship Denmark will be against Buck Vipers, Tuesday the 1st of September at 16:00 CEST

Power League Season 11 is back

The long waiting for season 11 of's Power League is over.
In the very first game we played, we faced AGF Esports, which ended up winning 8-16 on a few mistakes from our side. We had a really great T-side, where we ended with 7-8 in favor of AGF Esport, we didn't manage to keep them away from taking the bombsites on their T-side, which in the end, gave them the victory.
The next 2 games will be Ignite Esport & Copenhagen Flames, which is 2 strong playing teams that we have to get points from.

Follow the standings below:

Our next matches in the Power League Season 11 will be against Ignite Esport & Copenhagen Flames, Monday the 2nd of September at 19:00 & 22:00 CEST.

Esport Tour 2019

As you may already have seen, we have been posting a minor update on our facebook event page, with a event which will be starting the very first weekend of september.
- The entire program of our esport tour can you find below or you can go and visit our facebook event page for more information about this event and what will happend in each of the centers we pass by.

  • Herning, Herning Centret | 6th - 8th of september | Visit site
  • Aarhus, Storcenter Nord | 27th - 29th of september | Visit site
  • Horsens, bytorvHorsens | 18th - 19th of october | Visit site
  • Greve, Waves Shopping | 1st - 3rd of november | Visit site
  • Taastrup, City2 | 22nd - 24th of november | Visit site

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