31. July 2019

Welcomes familiar faces as well as new ones

Kasper Niemann

It's been a few weeks since you last heard from us, in connection with the counter-strike.
This is because we have spent the summer in our counter-strike department, working on finding a new team that we could see ourselves building something with, as we will have a lot of things on the program in the coming future.

Therefore have we from today decided to enter into an agreement until the New Year with the team now formerly known by the name "Hakuna".
- They will henceforth represent us in various tournaments, leagues etc. and participate in various danish events, coming in the next 5 months.

Which means we are glad that we can present this roster:

Where the first 3 mentioned are known faces.
- We are of course looking forward to seeing them in action again for Atlando with 2 new faces on the team.

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